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What is the Caithness Disabled Access Panel? Re-started in November 2006 after a period of inactivity, the Caithness Disabled Access Panel is a group of members who meet approximately once a month to discuss local access issues, disability legislation and general matters relating to disabled access, both in buildings and on public transport. The main role of the Access Panel is as follows:

  • To highlight any cases of local bad practice concerning disabled access provision and formally complain to the service provider where appropriate
  • To highlight any cases of local good practice concerning disabled access provision and to praise the service provider where appropriate
  • To bring to the attention of other members any issues relating to accessibility within Caithness, for example the standard of specific disabled toilets, or the frequency of accessible public buses
  • To look through current planning applications from new or existing public services to ensure that the plans meet building regulations and accessability criteria and are in keeping with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, in particular to make reasonable adjustments.
  • To listen to the needs of, and issues affecting, a broad range of disabled people within Caithness
  • To undertake any relevant training or courses as and when they arise
  • To work on projects as a working group, such as compiling a Caithness Public Services Access Guide (after receiving access audit training) which aims to list the accessibility status of all local businesses
  • To encourage new members to join the panel

Helen Budge (Chairperson)
The Gordons
United Kingdom

Tel: 07887 524 565
Email: helenbudge@aol.com

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